"your handwriting. the way you walk. which china pattern you choose. it’s all giving you away. everything you do shows your hand. everything is a self-portrait. everything is a diary."
-Chuck Palahniuk

. I think I'll have a string quartet at my wedding reception, instead of a DJ or band, and they will play instrumental versions of all my favorite music. This will include lots of classic rock, and some metal. It'll be a bit of an inside joke, because anyone who's there and doesn't listen close enough won't be able to tell it's not classical music, while I'll sit there rocking out.

. Starkid came out today... still haven't seen it, but from the spoilers flooding my tumblr dash it looks awesome!

. Other spoilers flooding my dash lately: Supernatural and Doctor Who. I'm trying so hard to keep my eyes and ears shut around all of this information!

. I went to the ballet with Lauren and her boyfriend this evening. It was lovely. My favorite principle ballerina is retiring though... I've looked up to her since I was very little, and she was the star of the dance school. Seeing her leave the ballet world makes me so sad. She's a beautiful dancer, and I'll always owe part of my love for dance to her.

. I've been helping out at my old dance school the past few Saturdays, and so I showed up today only to hang out for a few hours and then find out that they didn't need me today...

. I've been eating an obscene amount of ramen lately. It's addicting.

. Only a week and a half left of classes!

. I recently geeked out and bought these glasses for eight dollars. Am I a Trekki yet?

. I also geeked out when I heard Supernatural got renewed for a seventh season.

. I stayed up 'til five in the morning watching the Royal Wedding live. I didn't intend to, but I stumbled upon it channel surfing around one, and just fell in love. It was a beautiful ceremony, and it was neat being able to watch a piece of history unfold before my eyes.

. How did you all spend your weeks?


  1. I have yet to watch the latest two episodes of Doctor Who, but they're on BBC iPlayer, so I'll check out in the coming week. Matt Smith is a way better Dr than Tennant! And heck yes to ramen - love it :)

  2. Now I want to eat ramen, haha! It sounds like you have a lot of interesting things going on and wow! Only a week left of school? Luckkkyyyy.

    My week was incredibly busy, but good at the same time. I took the ACT, I visited The Dali Museum (which I loved) and began thinking about what this next month will entail. (Everything and anything.)

    P.S. I enjoy playing Words with Friends with you! :)

  3. A string quartet would be SO much better than anything some dumb DJ could produce. Excellent idea.


    I've never actually gone to see a ballet performance, but I'm sure it was quite beautiful. It must be so hard for her to be retiring!

    My weekend has been spent STUDYING. And I hate it. Especially knowing that even with all this studying I'm probably going to do mediocre-ly anyways... :P

  4. oh, doctor who!! :)

    those glasses are amazing! well done.

    the royal wedding was wonderful. lovelovelove<3

  5. Oh wowee you went to see the ballet? that must've been so lovely! I've always wanted to watch ballerinas dance around so gracefully! :) I love theatre and all I've been to only 3 and plan on going to see more of that sort of thing and now you have made me want to definitely go see the ballet! :)

    I like to spend most of my weeks relaxing and just going on adventures around with the people I love :)

    Your blog is so pretty! I need to be on the blogging world more often so I can venture through all this prettiness! Sadly Uni gets in the way of keeping up with it all! But I'm glad to visit your blog again! x


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