“This is how it works. I love the people in my life, and I do for my friends whatever they need me to do for them, again and again, as many times as is necessary. For example, in your case you always forgot who you are and how much you’re loved. So what I do for you as your friend is remind you who you are and tell you how much I love you. And this isn’t any kind of burden for me, because I love who you are very much. Every time I remind you, I get to remember with you, which is my pleasure.”
—James Lecesne

(by: Tatiana Mikhina)


-Lauren reminded me in a recent blog post just how much inspiration I draw from certain things. Movies, books, music, and Anthropologie.com. Speaking of: THIS DRESS PLEASE.


Since posting about my recent lack of creativity, and the overwhelming answers of "me too!" I've decided to list things that tend to boost my creativity. I suggest you do the same. Either in your own blog post, or in the comments. Okay?

. Online window shopping Urban Outfitter's home furnishings.

. Watching Vanilla Sky, Practical Magic, The Darjeeling Limited, and Ponyo.

. Asobi Seksu radio on Pandora.

. Such Great Heights (the Iron & Wine cover) radio on Pandora.

. Cleaning my room.

. Going through my favorite quotes.

. Visiting my favorite blogs.

. Taking walks outdoors.

. Playing piano.

. Reading anything by Neil Gaiman.


  1. This is such a great thing to think about, I am not exactly sure when I am most creative but alot of my best ideas come when I am about to fall asleep or in the shower. Maybe because its quiet and I am not distracted.

  2. I'm reading "Good Omens" now and I'm loving it. Good reading material really gets one in a creative mood.

    I also agree with Megan's comment ^ about good ideas coming either as you're drifting to sleep or in the shower. It's really weird, but it's true.

  3. I need not write a list at all as it would be so close to yours!

    (speaking of Neil Gaiman, I finally got to watch the episode of Dr Who he wrote... It was two great things in one.)


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