"I’m starting to realize that people lack good mirrors. It’s so hard for anyone to show us how we look, and so hard for us to show anyone how we feel.”
—John Green

(by: *steveH)


➊ I'm listening to Edith Piaf.

➋ I have one week left of spring semester classes, and finals paper. Summer, here I come!

➌ I'm sleepy. SO VERY SLEEPY.

➍ Every time I get out of a chair after sitting for awhile my hips pop and click in and out, and my lower spine pops in a xylophone like succession. It's slightly disturbing, but at the same time kind of cool. Plus, it relieves some pain/pressure, so no complaints there.

➎ The closer we get to The Deathly Hallows premiere the more tears I shed. I've said this many times before, but when the movie hits all of the Snape scenes I will commence melting into a puddle of my own tears.

➏ I have an old Schwinn Cruiser bicycle. It's absolutely beautiful. I got it for Christmas when I was in Kindergarten, but it was far too big for me at the time. Quite luckily, it is perfect for me now. I think it needs new tires though, since it's not holding air in like it used to... So I've been spending some time online researching parts for old Schwinns. In addition to fixing my tire/inner tube issue I want to get a basket or two, and a lock. I'd really like to be able to use my bike as a form of transportation, especially on campus since fall semester is going to be busy.
Do you bike frequently? If so any tips for me in terms of what I need not only to make it enjoyable, but to keep my bike safe from theft?

➐ I got 500 Days Of Summer at the library shop for 50¢ a few days ago. Makes me giddy :)

➑ Starbucks now has a coconut mocha frappuccino and a coconut cremé frappuccino on their menu. The coconut mocha is FANTASTIC. My mom had a free drink coupon and talked me into getting a Venti. Which, since it was way too much, I shared with my brother. The point here is though, that these things are FREAKING DELICIOUS.

➒ One of the libraries I frequent has a 10¢ room. Everything in that room, no exceptions, is ten cents. So I can walk out with ten books (CDs too sometimes) for a dollar. The selection isn't always nice, but sometimes I'm really lucky. Case in point: MGMT's Oracular Spectacular, John Green's An Abundance of Katherines, Nicole Krauss's The History Of Love, Rachel Cohn's You Know Where To Find Me, and countless other finds. Pretty awesome.
The only downside to buying discarded library books: THE LIBRARY RUINS THE DUST JACKETS/INSIDE COVERS OF THESE BOOKS!
Seriously, you would think that a library of all places would take care of their books, but no, and I'm not talking about stuff patrons do, like spill coffee on the pages, or accidentally tear the dust jacket. In order to put a "protective" plastic covering over their books the library removes the dust jacket, covers it in plastic (usually by taping it which can tear/ruin the dust jacket), and then GLUES THE PLASTIC COVERED DUST JACKET ONTO THE INSIDE OF THE BOOKCOVER. Yeah, GLUE. I spent the majority of last night carefully removing the plastic covering trying not to tear the inside of the hardcovers, which were all covered in hardened glue. It's horrible, not to mention instead of attaching the barcodes to this ridiculous book ruining plastic cover they paste them directly onto the books. Which is just horrible. Ugh. I saved most of the dust jackets, but a few of them were ruined. Such a poor way to treat books.

➓ I think I'm going to play Portal. I'm through with classes for the day, and I'm done with my paper, so yeah, Portal sounds good.
Speaking of, I had a dream my car was Glados a la Knightrider. It was horrific.

How are your weeks going? Well I hope!


  1. I just love when you blog. It's a small beacon of hope during my shitty, shitty weekdays.

  2. ^^^
    I'm with Shelby on this one.
    Therefore, you should blog ALL THE TIME.
    (Oh, and poor books. It really is sad that people treat them so poorly.)

  3. when Deathly Hallows comes I shall break into a million tiny pieces

    your bicycle sounds fantastic :) I wish I could bike more but there are too many ginormous hills around here that I could never ride back up

    10 CENTS FOR THAT AWESOMENESS? that is amazing. but oh goodness, the mistreatment of books really is a shame. having a book that is lovingly worn from being read so much is one thing, but just being destroyed is a completely different story.

  4. I'm Kaylie and I approve this blogpost. ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Oh, Deathly Hallows. I can't talk about it.

    The Schwinn I got for Christmas has that old style, and my parents got a basket for it and a bell that says "I <3 my bike." And I do heart my bike. A lot.

    I hate the way libraries choose to protect their books. It's always driven me crazy, and never ever made any sense.

    Sidenote: I read Shelby's comment as, "I just love when you blog. It's like the smell of bacon on my shitty, shitty weekdays." Which doesn't make any sense at all.

  6. So excited for Harry Potter! Oh my gosh, the library needs to learn to take better care of their books!


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