"The Universe is big, it’s vast, and complicated, and ridiculous, and sometimes — very rarely — impossible things just happen and we call them miracles …"
-The Doctor (Doctor Who)

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. I love Belle & Sebastian, and right now Fox In The Snow is a song I can't stop listening to. I just love it.

. I found the above Winnie The Pooh album whilst thrifting today. I was so happy to see that it existed. I may have squealed. I used to run around my house singing "Up Down and Touch The Ground" as a kid. So this album is going to have a special place in my heart/home.

. I wore my "Ten reasons why Kirk is better than Picard" shirt for the first time today.
Got a few Picard fans angry, but all in all it was kind of neat to get approached by fellow Star Trek fans and discuss our love for the Captains. An employee at a local used bookstore gave my mom a 15% off coupon "for her trouble" aka birthing a Kirk fan. It was priceless.

. I am totally listening to "The Colors Of The Wind" right now, and yes, you needed to know.

. I took an advanced ballet class for the first time in what has to be more than six months yesterday. I mean, yeah I've been working out, modern dance, yoga, what-have-you, but MY GOODNESS I AM SO FREAKING SORE/WORN OUT.
I'll be taking every Saturday for the next couple weeks since I'm helping out with my old dance school's performance this year. My favorite perk of being an alumni? I can wear warm-ups in class. :)

. I can't get enough of Darren Criss's Disney covers. I could listen to "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" from here to eternity.

. Target had loads of Where The Wild Things Are pencils, notebooks, tote bags, etc. all for a dollar each. I may have gone a tad overboard...

. My brother and I spent way too much time fooling around with the macbook's photobooth last night while the internet was down.

. Don't bother seeing Your Highness. It's a waste of time/money/braincells.


The lovely Lina challenged me to answer the following questions.

1. what did you do 10 years ago? Ten years ago I was nine years old. So I was in the third grade, and probably just having fun/being a nine-year-old. Which for me meant watching Star Wars and playing soccer with the boys in my class. Tomboy.

2. what did you do one year ago? A year ago I was busy dancing, finishing high school, and making amazing and life long blogging friends :)

3. five snacks that you like? You're talking to someone who LOVES food. Like, has a problem. Mom used to call my Rolly like the Dalmation because I'd always say "I'm hungry mama, I'm hungry".
Haha, So... five snacks? I love fresh fruit, pretty much anything, although honeydew is my favorite. Also, kalamata olives, popcorn, onigiri, and rice crackers.

4. five songs which you know the whole lyrics to? I know the words to so many songs, but I'll list ones that I've been singing to myself a lot recently. Somedays-Regina Spektor, Bulletproof Heart-My Chemical Romance, the theme to Winnie The Pooh, Heroes-David Bowie, and I'll Make A Man Out Of You (from Mulan).

5. five things you would do if you were a millionaire? hmmm. I'd buy a house for myself and for my parents, buy a beautiful grand piano, donate to charities, put some money away for school/the future/my future children, get a car, preferably a nicely restored '67 Impala. (yeah...)

6. five bad habits? Procrastination, worrying a lot, scratching my arms when I'm nervous/thinking, not drinking enough water, swearing a lot (like a sailor my friends, like a sailor.).

7. five things you like to do? play piano, put together packages/mail for my blogging family, cook/bake, watch movies, go thrifting.

8. five things you would never dress in or buy? Short shorts, any sort of gaudy/over-the-top jewelry or make-up, boots that are higher than ankle height, crocs/any sort of footwear or other clothing made out of rubber or plastic other than rainboots.

9. five favorite toys? My iPod, the Playstation, the record player, craft scissors, I really like hula hoops.

10. five people i'd like to see taking this quiz? Dillon, Natalie, Kaylie, Lauren, and Maggie.

don't feel obligated to post this. it would just be neat to see your answers :)


  1. Challenge: Accepted!

    Darren Criss ♥♥♥
    That cover... ahhhhhhh! Why must he do this to us?!

  2. YES. I NEVER GET TAGGED! WHOOP. Thank you, Amy!

    Also, I will love Picard until my dying day.

  3. omg your fast amy! haha. i was tagged like over a month ago & i just got around to it today lol.
    YES to the impala!! aiaiai. love those boys (of course i would say "my boys" but i know you would want them too....lol)
    so no to your highness?? man. even though zooey is in it?? :/ haven't seen it yet, but now i'm worried.

  4. If I was a Star Trek fan I would totally love your shirt... but I have no clue about anything Star Trek related, haha ):

    That ballet class sounds INTENSE!

    Darren Criss + Disney = EXPLOSION OF AWESOME.

    I will have to hit up Target and search for some WTWTA merchandise!

    I will certainly be glad to participate in this tag thingamajig. :)

    Mmmmm fruit is the best. I actually have a horrible habit of not drinking water too. Actually I don't drink enough of anything. I barely ever get thirsty though! Oh well. Oh god. Crocs. MY MOM HAS A PAIR FOR GARDENING.

  5. ooooohhhh loved the quote! :):):):):) 4 days for me, and life will be changed!!! something super crazy is gonna happen in the first episode of the new series...oooh dear. :(

    oooh darren criss singing 'i'll make a man out of you'!?!?!?!?!? man, i need to check this out! :D

    oh my goodness, go you with your where the wild things are goodies!

    hmm, i saw your highness yesterday..and some bits were really funny...but i think i thought it was gonna be super duper funny...maybe i hyped it up in my head too much.

    peace and love to you <3

  6. i love how disney-themed this post was :)
    i actually had a dream that i picked up hunch back of notre dame and beauty and the beast to watch... woke up upset that the DVDs were not in my possession.

    also <3333 for winnie the pooh. tigger will forever hold a special place in my heart.

    yoga, dance and ballet? i think you have my want-to-be life.


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