Yes, I'm the film nerd who snuck into your intro to film class last week... and sat front and center.

Okay, so sitting front and center wasn't exactly my idea, and honestly neither was the sneaking in bit. I have a friend who's a film minor and he knows I love movies and have this fairy-tale dream of being an art director in another life so he told me to come to class with him. So I did. I mean, I thought I'd be sitting in the last row, minding my own business... but of course he neglected to tell me that he sits front and center in that class, and that that is (naturally) where I'm going to be sitting. I had a minor freakout worrying the professor would say "Who is that? You're not in this class! Get out!", but he didn't, and in fact I had a Hermione moment, forgetting of course that I'M NOT IN THAT CLASS, and raised my hand and answered a question (correctly mind you. it was after all a hermione moment.) and no one said anything. So I guess it was okay haha. I really enjoyed myself too. The class was on editing, and I fully geeked out. So yeah, this is the kid who sneaks into school not out of school. Haha.


What else have I been up to?

Eating crepes with Lauren. Reading Never Let Me Go. Buying tickets to see Mumford & Sons and Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros play the Railroad Revival Tour. Mailing letters and postcards to bloggers. Putting together packages for bloggers (which should be sent out shortly). Getting lovely mail from Shelby and Nicola. Watching way too much Supernatural. Getting over another bout of sickness. Loving the new Starbucks logo (I know, unpopular opinion.) Going to History Machine gigs. Arizona Iced Green Tea. Missing school 'cause I'm sick. Wishing my being sick could've waited 'til spring break so I didn't have to miss school. Getting excited about spring break and a week off :) Issues of Ready Made and Bust magazines. New sunglasses. Cleaning/reorganizing my room. Yup. Eventuful week guys, eventful week.


sometimes you have to put all of your eggs in one basket. even when the world tells you it isn’t smart. you just have to. there’s this immense passion brewing inside you for what you’re doing and you have to focus on that and that alone. it’s a part of you. you need it. and yeah, sometimes it doesn’t work out, and the world says “i told you so” over and over again. trying to force guilt upon you and your decisions. but really, even if you no longer have a direction to go in, and you broke your compass on the way down, it was worth it. the energy, the drive, the passion. you lived for something. you felt that little bit of alive everyone else spends their lives searching for while they waste their time carefully and evenly distributing their eggs into color coded baskets. you had what they all wanted, and so what if it didn’t last? it may take awhile, but you can go on and do amazing things. there are countless other avenues out there that you wouldn’t have even dreamed about if you hadn’t taken that chance and stuffed all those eggs together in that little basket. it was worth it.
3.6.11 (seafoameyes)


  1. I have a confession to make. I have never had a crepe before. I KNOW, BLASPHEMY. If everything goes as planned and Seattle happens, we must eat some crepes somewhere. I think Seattle should just be one huge eating extravaganza of awesome deliciousness.

    But haha, that is pretty amazing that you're sneaking into school. :) Yay for nerdyness! The film class does sound like fun though, so I certainly don't blame you.

    I love your writing.

  2. I only recently got into Mumford & Sons, and I really loved their album. It's different to a lot of stuff that's playing these days, and refreshingly so. Wish they'd come to Australia...

  3. well done for sneaking into school! i loved reading that story! hehe. go you! and well done for getting a question right.

    oh i love the new starbucks logo aswell. :)

    keep being awesome amy! :D

  4. Gah, I would love to sit in a film class! I wish my university did subjects apart from History of Art...it would be nice to talk to people about something other than art all the time!


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