▲How On Earth Is It Already February▲

How am I spending this February the first two-thousand and eleven?

.wake up before the sun rises for yoga
.have a green machine for breakfast
.start working on some reviews for this is our sound
.listen to the RAC remix of the shin's sleeping lessons
.blog some
.modern dance class
.perhaps a starbucks or jamba juice stop


We got a Free People store here not to long ago. Seeing as it's owned by the same company that owns both Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie I knew I'd fall in love with it, and I have. In terms of price it tends to veer towards the Anthropologie side, and in some cases further. You can easily drop one-hundred dollars on a tshirt here, and while I love a good tee I can't see me spending that much unless it's something amazing.
(I will confess to having bought an eighty-something dollar tee a few years back, but in my defense it was an adorable one-of-a-kind, vintage style, french, micky-mouse shirt with hand-sewn embellishments, and it was my birthday. Also, it still fits and I still wear it so it was worth it, but I don't make a habit of these things.)
I can't imagine buying this tee for what they have it priced at at Free People when I could get something comparable at Urban for twenty bucks. Something as intricate and one-of-a-kind as this sweater or this dress I might consider saving up for though.
In the meantime I'll just keep browsing the amazing eye candy, and stick with shopping at Free People's cheaper counterpart: URBAN OUTFITTERS.


In other news. I'm excited for the new Fleet Foxes album, and was happy to have Spin provide me with a free download of their new single to tide me over :)

Hope you all are having lovely Mondays and that your Februarys has gotten off to a fantastic start!


  1. luckily i found a free people sweater/tee with pockets that i love at marshals once. it was about $20 & i snatched that baby up real quick : )
    your day sounds rad!!

  2. Love love love that dress! I think I'll save up for it as well.

  3. Wait... I never knew that Free People was related to Urban Outfitters! Yeah, Lina's right, I tend to see quite a few Free People things at places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx! Cause yeah, I definitely couldn't see myself spending $80 on a shirt... but I think I'd consider doing so on that gorgeous dress. :D

    Also, yoga and Naked juice sounds like a good start to the morning. :)

  4. Thank you for providing the link to the new Fleet Foxes album! I can't say they're one of my favorite bands in the world, but that's because who can top The Killers and Coldplay? Haha.

    Sounds like you're going to spend February 2011 well!

    Stay awesome. :)

  5. P.S. I added you as friend on Goodreads!


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