wake up at six.
it's twenty-four degrees outside. this is phoenix. the apocalypse is near.
forego breakfast.
take eight-am yoga class for school.
do a shoulder stand. effyeah.
run into a childhood friend i haven't seen in years on campus.
spend a good amount of time catching up.
come home.
spend the rest of the morning washing/preparing japanese rice.
made おにぎり (onigiri) (rice balls)
they had tuna in them and were delicious.
i also had a hot cup of jasmine tea.
mourned the white stripes throughout all of the above.
went on tumblr.
had this warm my heart.
drank abuelita.
plently of m. ward.
and here i am...


other things of excitement:

-just finished a review of YEAR OF THE TIGER. they rock. have a listen.

-it's chinese new years. this means yummy vendor food at our local festival.

-JGL is rumored to have a role in the new batman movie.

-there are three of my favorite sprinkles cupcakes on their menu today (banana, coconut, and lemon.).

-it's just been a good day :)

minus the white stripes break-up that is...


  1. JGL IN BATMAN?!?!?!?!?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That would make my life for sure. Sounds like a great list!!!!

  2. Noooo... RIP White Stripes. ;_;

    JGL as the Riddler? I'm not at all up-to-date on Batman news, so I've no clue here. I could dig it, though.

  3. That picture had the same effect on me... makes you regain some faith in humanity when you see things like that.


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