So I joined Maggie and got a VYou account. It's pretty much like formspring, only... awesome. You answer the questions via your webcam. So comeatme.

(By the way, Maggie? She's awesome. When I'm down in the dumps because I can't cope with the idea of turning twenty she sends me photos of ZQ and his dog Noah. THAT IS TRUE FRIENDSHIP.)


About being home all week... other than going to classes I've been home, sick, again. Someone needs to invent a shot that gives you a super-human immune system. I could really use one of those. It's been lying around doing next to nothing and using an obscene amount of tissues this week for me.
Luckily I started feeling a bit better today so I cleaned my room up a bit. My bookshelves (which get re-organized on a constant and OCD basis) are looking fantastic and color-coordinated now.
I swear, if I could count the times I've re-organized my bookshelf...

I'm rather glad tomorrow is a holiday this means I can get out and do something now that I'm feeling better.
Methinks I'll hit some of the closing sales at the local Borders locations.
Also, I've been absolutely craving frozen yogurt, and apart from the two wonderful days of rain we got over the weekend it's been warm here. Yep, summer is coming. Arizona never seems to keep it's nice weather. Before you know it it's going to be hot hot hot here.


Matsuri festival is coming up next weekend. It's a Japanese cultural festival here in the valley. It's loads of fun, and will be even more so this year because I'm going with Lauren and my friend Kayleigh and her boyfriend Q. It's been absolutely forever since I've seen Kayleigh so this will be lovely. :)

Reading: Light on Yoga-B.K.S. Iyengar
Watching: Vlogbrothers videos
Listening To: Beirut


  1. The whole VYou account thing looks pretty darn cool. :D Whoever invented it is kind of a genius I guess.

    SICK AGAIN?! Adfjsdklfsd! Honestly, you are practically as bad as my one friend that breaks a bone every other bone and has probably missed half the school year so far. Have I said that before? I feel like I have but I'll say it again. If I ever become a doctor I promise you I will find the cure for... sickness. Haha, yeah. :P

    But yay for feeling a tad bit better! For some reason reorganizing things is weirdly fun to me. And I hope that you can actually go out and get books and frozen yogurt and such, and enjoy the balmy Arizona weather! And yay for more Japanese festivalness, too. :D

  2. Every time you say something about me I make a face remarkably similar to this :D> (The > is my hands, just so you know.) I'm just glad I made you feel a little better!

    I'm sorry you were sick again. Right now I'm feeling like my allergies are going to start up and try to kill me again.

    Have fun at the closing sales! I would have no shame either. Cheap books are the best kind. Oh, and frozen yogurt sounds wonderfuuul.

  3. Sheet music on the go? So cool! Get better, I think there must be something about AZ that keeps getting you sick, or at least thats my theory.


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