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This weekend was rather good.
Lauren and I went to the Chinese New Years festival.  There were these awesome pancakes. You could get them with a custard filling, or coconut, or redbean. SO YUMMY.

After the festival we went to the movie theater and saw The Kings Speech.
 It was spectacular. Just wonderful.
I'm glad we have our own movie theater chain here in AZ. It makes for cheaper tickets than at say, and AMC. Yay student discounts. I wish I could say for the soda prices what I can for the ticket prices... Netflix is a lovely thing.

Valentines Day was rather uneventful. The family exchanged cards and we bought some chocolates. Then we all piled in bed and watched Bell Book and Candle with Jimmy Stewart.


In other news there's a bill that goes to vote that would strip the funding for both PBS and NPR. So if you're an American citizen and care about public broadcasting take a moment and sign this petition.


Also, all of you, or at least most of you, being avid reader you probably know about Borders.
It was officially announced today (although I've known for quite some time) that they're bankrupt and closing a whopping 1/3 of their stores.

This includes all of the locations I frequent. Boo.

I mean honestly I don't like Borders.
Sure, I buy books from them, and have attended numerous Harry Potter events (including one where I won a copy of Deathly Hallows because of an essay I wrote in Snape's defense.), but the cons far outweigh the pros in my eyes.

I have never been in a Borders with a clean restroom. And by "unclean" I mean absolutely the-health-department-should-shut-you-down gross. In fact, I may have called the health department once...
The creeper percentage seems to be far higher in Borders than other bookstores. Their stock is less expansive. They got rid of their movies/music department ages ago. The company as a whole put so many ma and pop bookstores out of business, and the coffee is complete crap.

They will be missed, but not so much by me. I'm an independent bookstore/library/library bookstore/Barnes & Noble kind of girl.

We have so many great indie bookstores here in Phoenix that to cry over Border's closing would be just silly.
Also, if I have to claim brand loyalty I'm a Barnes & Noble girl through and through.


The lineup for Sasquatch is looking really good.
Why do you all have to be in school in late May? We Arizonans get out that week!
This totally should have been a part of the Seattle trip. Haha... next year?


  1. I always love when I check Karen's page (I don't follow anyone because my blogger account won't let me. I dunno why. Anyway, Karen follows everyone I read, so I look at her latest updated thing) and see that you've posted.

    I read about Borders today on MSN. Supposedly, B&N stock went up. B&N ALL DA WAY.

    I'll be out the 26th! Granted, that's 6 days after graduation, but whatever.

  2. There's a few good book stores here in Brisbane in Australia that I go to, like QBD, Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, and yes, Borders as well. I Don't go to them THAT much but more so than most people I guess, and I'll admit I do/did like Borders, probably because it's the biggest book store we have here (in Brisbane anyway). I'll be a bit sad if that particular store closes, but there are other options for me so it's not that bad really. I've never been to a Barnes & Noble, I wonder if there are any here...

  3. I love how I apply to the local Borders one week before they announce they're closing 1/3 of their locations. I applied to five local Starbucks locations the other day, so my fingers are crossed...

    The Chinese festival was so much fun (especially those pancakes). Can't wait for the Matsuri!

  4. Urghhhh I need to fix my blogroll. And stop relying on it to tell me when people update. ):

    Pancakes sound absolutely delicious right now. And gah, I want to see The King's Speech! However, I still have yet to even see Black Swan... I am so bad at seeing movies.

    I've only been to Borders maybe twice ever, so I guess you could say I'm more of a Barnes & Noble person myself as well.

    I think school lets out for me on May 31st, or something like that. I at least know I won't be in school during June at all, which is fabuloussssss.


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