▲Happy 2011▲

We've arrived. It's here. Where exactly did the last year go?

Twenty-eleven. A new decade. A new year... gahhh.

This past year I have.

Expanded blogging friendships via snail mail.

Helped plan Seattle trip 2011.

Graduated highschool.

Danced for a professional modern dance company.

Given a very difficult "just friends" speech.

Been so proud of my little brother's accomplishments I cried.

Adopted a fourteen year-old as my long lost sister of John Green loving awesomeness.

Bough my first pack of American Spirits.

Never smoked them and had them go bad...

Solidified my decision as to what tattoos I'm getting once I get over the needle thing.

Read so many wonderful books.

Changed my outlook on so much of life.

Started my own music review blog.

Posted a bit on it.

Discovered yoga, and rather want to study to teach it.

Discovered that my intolerance for dairy all these years was in fact... drumroll please... lactose intolerance. I can be a tad slow sometimes.

Gave in and got a new tumblr.

Skyped with Shelby.

Baked more often.

And just had and all around life affirming year.


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A few years ago I made a blog post about new years resolutions. About how I don't really believe in them. How I see promises as things that should only be made if one is positive they can follow through on them, and since positivity is an illusion promises should not be made.

I was a bit of a pessimist at sixteen. Three years can change a lot. New years day three years ago I probably would have shuddered to think that I could make promises, I had a fear of letting people down. Maybe it's because I'd been let down, but that's beside the point. Life has to go on, you can't shut yourself off from the world 'cause it's given you a bad day.
So this year I'm making resolutions, yeah I probably won't be able to keep them all, but I'm going to try my hardest, and in reality that is what promises are all about. It's one thing if you promise something with no intention of ever keeping your word, that's horrible. But a real promise, whether kept, or unfortunately unkept, is marked by the heart, effort, and love you put into it. And part of three years older, slightly wiser self says that that is all that matters. Hell, it's better. That way you actually try. Instead of writing it all off before it's even begun. How sad, how hopeless and unrealistic.


Get started on getting my yoga teaching certification.

Read loads more books.

Eat far less meat.

Eventually become pescatarian.

Be a tad less shy.

Go on many an adventure.

Get a job.

Stop drinking coffee (again).

Drink loads of tea to compensate.

Embrace me. With all my imperfections and insecurities. Stop the selfconsciousness.

Find more time for friends, and for myself.

Figure out what I'm majoring in already.

Write for This Is Our Sound more often. And recruit Dillon and Anastasia as writers.

Write again. I miss my little short fictions.

Cook and bake more.

Finally open my etsy shop.

Play lots more piano.

listening: hometown glory-adele. reading: it's kind of a funny story-ned vizini. watching: bbc hamlet-with david tennant.


  1. Okay, so I love EVERYTHING about this post (uhmmm, except for the stalker?! HOW SCARY IS THAT?!?). I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished this year -- seriously, those are all HUGE milestones to have in just one year! :)
    Your resolutions are also amazing, and I applaud your efforts to quit coffee (I think I'm going to be an addict for LIFE, since I'm not a tea fan!). :) I think that embracing yourself is one of the most important things someone can do - I definitely didn't embrace myself at 19, so I'm proud of you for seeing how important that is! :)
    (And omg, my love for Adele could fill the ocean!).

  2. American Spirits look so cool, but it's a damn good thing you didn't smoke them.

    Seriously. Your lungs are giving you a standing ovation. I can hear them. They're psyched.

  3. Whoa whoa whoa, the stalker thing sounds extremely sketchy... But everything thing else sounds as if 2010 was certainly a splendid year. Life affirming is good! Good luck with all of your resolutions, dear. :) Thankfully I'm not much of a coffee or tea drinker, but I am somewhat addicted to hot chocolate... And I think the Seattle blogger extravaganza could definitely be filed under the "go on an adventure" category. Definitely pumped for that. :D Happy 2011!

  4. I like this, I'm with you on many of these resolutions!

  5. We have the rest of the year for adventures .. and yes do recruit me for this writing shindig!


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