Andrew, Carissa, and Rinah.


adopt rinah from VsTheBrain on Vimeo.

Andrew and Carissa are an amazing blogging couple I was introduced to by Lina. Multi-talented and adorable, this couple has one of the most beautiful blogs I've ever come across. Not to mention Carissa is a fantastic photographer. Please visit their blog and check out their other pages like their vimeos, and other projects.

Now while they're amazing and all that jazz this is not why I'm taking the time to dedicate this post to them. No, this post is for them, and for the new addition to their family, Rinah.
Rinah lives in Uganda, and her mommy just died, and Andrew and Carissa want to adopt her.

So if you have the time watch the video I shared, and visit and learn about their story. It's a little sad, but it's getting happier, and it's oh-so-heartwarming. And if you have the ability donate something to them. Adoption is difficult business and every bit helps.

They are in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope Rinah gets to go home with them very soon.


  1. i'm so excited for this & i hope everything works out for them! i've always known that i want to adopt eventually & stories like these are truly inspiring : )

  2. Yes! I am so fabulously glad that Lina mentioned them on her blog, cause I am officially in love with them now. :) I hope that they're able to adopt Rinah soon too!

  3. Awh what an amazing story. By the way, remember me? I've been searching for your blog since the christmas card swap, FAILING MISERABLY and now i'm back. Finally. xx

  4. Just got your reply. I just have a cough now, but cough drops keep it under control. I don't think I'd be too distracting, if you wanted to see a movie sometime soon. I keep seeing commercials for The King's Speech, and I'm really dying to see it. Anytime this weekend is good, really :) I have classes now Mon-Thurs, so I'll be a little busy on those days.

    I love the concept of This Is Our Sound, I can't believe I haven't seen it before now! I see you have an entry on Mumford and Sons... Marcus Mumford actually did a live version of the song I posted on my blog with Laura Marling.
    I think I like it better than the album version. I'd love to be able to play multiple instruments!

    I'm 100% behind the concept of adoption, so kudos to Andrew and Carissa. I wasn't able to donate much to them, but hopefully that little bit will help out.


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